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Friday, October 21, 2011

TODDLER MOM? An Interview With Fleece Bedding Artist Nadine Calcek

One of the many talented artists on Etsy is the owner/designer of Midnite Pine Creations.  Here's a sample of her beautiful and comfortable bedding for toddlers:
I interviewed Nadine about her work, motivation and more. 

Nadine how long have you been making fleece bedding? What got you started?
 " I stumbled into sewing fleece by accident. Four years ago when my son was born. He was the kind of baby that didn't tolerate a blanket over him. The cotton crib sheets we had were too cold to sleep on in winter. He was uncomfortable and not sleeping well. I ended up sewing fleece fitted sheets because I couldn't find anything of quality to buy. I chose fleece for its warmth and fuzzy,cuddly nature and modified the designs. I wanted the sheets to be deep enough that I couldn't SHRINK them and stretchy enough that I didn't have to fight to get them on.  'Lazy Bug' fleece sheets were born."
What inspires your designs?
 "My children are my inspiration. I wanted to give them something better than was available in the stores and since I couldn't find it.....I made it. Then, I wanted to share them with my friends and family...they loved them and from there it just snowballed."
How did you learn to do this?
 " I am a self taught seamstress. Trial and error. I basically tore apart one of the cotton sheets, changed the pattern to fit my needs and then tried it out. I continued to tweak the patterns as I perfected my skills and as I started to ask other moms about their pet peeves with their current bedding products. In  some cases I have come up with novel ideas that solve age old problems...such as kids kicking off covers at night...all night long..."
Any advice for beginners wanting to learn these techniques?
 "I have no specific advice for learning 'the technique'. I am the kind of person who starts a project saying,'Yes, I can do that...' So I guess my advice would be that if you want to do something/make something/build something....just do it and believe in yourself, and try not to let others talk you out of it."
Nadine's "Lazy Bug" bedding can be found at her Etsy shop:

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