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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mandala Beaded Jewelry

Been working on Mandala beaded jewelry and have found that once started, it has a life of it's own!

Yes, I had a picture in my mind when I started beading of just what this would look like and innocently started; beads,gemstones and needle in hand.

What I have found is that this is truly a meditative practice AND just as in designing other pieces of jewelry the"creative muse" takes control of the process and the design.

Needless to say, I am fascinated by the design I seem to be creating and the colors and style of beads and gemstones I am being drawn to to use. This is becoming a much more complicated design than I had originally had in mind but I can see that it will be a delight to see when it is completed......a surprise for everyone including me! This is probably one of my favorite things about designing never know just how a piece will eventually turn out! No wonder I find this fun to do!

So...I expect (silly me!) to have this first piece finished and ready for my shop by the first week in July. I'll let y'all know when it's there.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mandala Jewelry Statement of Who You Are

We all have a story we tell about ourselves- our identity. Mandalas can help us integrate that story and heal ourselves to wholeness. Everyone of us is unique and these patterns help us to accept and show our uniqueness.

What exactly is a mandala? Well now, the usual definition is that it is a pattern of power that represents the whole of existence. The shapes seen in mandalas naturally occur in the natural/organic world; think crystals, waves, flowers.

Mandalas have been in long use in many cultures for shamanic journeys and personal meditations. An example would be the rose windows in cathedrals. Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century nun and mystic published her visionary mandalas.  Carl Jung, noted psychologist, encouraged his patients to paint their own mandalas. He felt the patterns expressed universal archetypes and were a potent means for growth and self- development.

I'm drawn strongly to these beautiful patterns in nature, in all cultures. They are truly universal. So, I suppose it's no surprise that I have begun to make a line of statement jewelry using as the centerpiece  my designs of mandalas for healing, relationship, success, creativity, etc.  Within the next week ( June 17, 2013) these will begin to be offered on my Etsy shop. Each one will be a one of a kind statement piece. I hope you like them!