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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lavender and Gray Jewels

I've had these lavender (luscious!) glass pearls for quite a while and couldn't quite get the picture in my mind of a necklace that would be subtle yet upbeat and then.......
It was the Lepidolite that did it I think. That's a stone that is said to be for Joy and Happiness and very upbeat and so the lavender pearl, Lepidolite necklace started to take form. It needed something else and there it was in my "stash" of beautiful beads....smoky gray faceted crystals (Czech crystals 8mm) and so here's the result now residing on my store:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nature All Around us!

O.K. so it seems that this week is devoted strictly to BIRDS! Shouldn't be any surprise to me I suppose. Yesterday afternoon, Mr, Fred, the Quaker Parrot of the house RAN to his cage (better known as "the mansion" it's quite large, big enough for 6 of him, stood at attention staring into the yard like a a carving). Innocent me....I look out and gasp! There at the bird bath (the size of cardinals mind you) is a 30-32" immature BALD Eagle. Oh my G-d! He's getting a drink. O.k. shock has set in. He hops down and begins to scoop up some of the seed that I strew about for the Doves, Cardinals and assorted critters......SEED! Oh wow, am I nuts?? Fred is a statue still so no it's not me.  He's a HUGH bird and doesn't know about eating other critters yet I guess. I run and grab for the camera wondering how to set this up so I can get a picture....after all who is going to believe me?? I walk calmly (sort of) into the yard and he lands in one of the live Oaks, I focus and pray that maybe I can get a picture...

Now mind you, I have created a necklace with an Eagle totem (one of my power animals) and have a pic of it online. But, to have one show up...oh gosh! Seems to me that I had best set about making another necklace with an Eagle totem to honor this cute(?), immature Baldy!

QuartzCitrine and Carnelian Carved Eagle Necklace : dpjewelry - ArtFire Jewelry

QuartzCitrine and Carnelian Carved Eagle Necklace : dpjewelry - ArtFire Jewelry

Sunday, July 17, 2011


O.K. so here I sit trying to work on a bracelet and the alarm parrot (better knon as FRED goes off). What is it that is sooo very tramatic it must have my immediate attention....dropping of beads, etc.?  There is an armadillo in the backyard. He hasn't seen one before and I guess it looks funny to him and threatening. To me, well, it's adorable! So I dutifully explain that it just hunts insects such as ants and so is a helpful critter. Good luck on that one! He's still screaming and puffing and everything that a parrot does to defend his territory. Oh, please I just wanted to make a bracelet. I get him (FRED) not that the armadillo on my head and tell him it's all o.k. and just ignore it all...armadillos don't eat seed. Hopefully I can finish this bracelet before the night is over......I love the colors! Back at ya soon......

Blue and Gold Crystal Bracelet : dpjewelry - ArtFire Jewelry

I found these beautiful metallic blue cobalt bicones and transparent gold facted round crystals and could n't resist making them into a bracelet of 2 strands with silver that could be worn anywhere! See what you think :Blue and Gold Crystal Bracelet : dpjewelry - ArtFire Jewelry

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Welcome Message

Welcome to all visitors!  I am not a particularly wordy person so most of the time I say things in short spaces with many ideas. This is basically the way I seem to design jewelry's a brain thing I suppose.  But, let me tell you a bit about my household. I'm the only adult human in it. Living with me is a very beautiful, lime green and teal Quaker Parrot named Fred. He's really the one in charge.

When I sit down in my Florida Room to design and fabricate jewelry, he's right there. I really mean right there, in the middle of the table, walking thru the beads and picking up ones that he likes. Like I said he seems to think he designs jewelry. Now, I do have to admit that many times watching him do this has shown me a color or shape direction that really makes up into a nice piece of jewelry. So what can I say?? I just feed him treats and say thank you......hmmmm.

Oh if you'd like to visit our shops and browse or "beak" something up, you'll find us and/or