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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gemstone Lore D Thru J

Ancient Egyptians used emeralds around 2000 B.C.. Most mines at the time were in Upper Egypt near the Red Sea. Most famous mine was in Mt. Zabarah and said to belong to the Queen of Sheba.  Romans believed nothing evil would stay in the presence of Emerald; if powerless to repel misfortune, it was believed the stone would fall from its setting as a warning.  Nero watched gladiator fights thru an emerald because he believed the stone protected his eyes and revealed the truth.

An old belief says emerald will change color if lies & treachery are planned within its vicinity.
In India and Egypt, it was said to give the gift of memory and good luck.

Mystical significance to Christianity is triumph over sin.

Today, it’s used to ward off negativity, attract prosperity, peace, balance, love, healing and patience. Strengthens artistic abilities, opens the way to new beginnings.

Ancient Egyptians carved it and made into statues and scarabs. The Chinese carve it into figures.

Today, it is used to help ground nervous energy, cleanses the aura, increases concentration. Nicknamed “genius stone” as it’s said to be excellent for study or work; focuses the mind.

A stone used by ancient midwives to aid childbirth. In Ancient Egypt it was given as a gift that brought good fortune.  In China and the Far East, bangles were worn for physical strength and to throw off illness. Jade butterflies were exchanged between engaged couples to ensure happiness.

Jade is popular with racing enthusiasts as it’s said to draw success. Said to attract courage, justice and wisdom. It helps to solve problems and is an excellent stone for business people and musicians; brings calm, peace, harmony and releases tension.

The Anodyne Necklace, valued in England at one time, was worn to treat stomach troubles.
The Egyptians used Jasper to protect against enemies, wild animals and fear.

Green Jasper is worn for good luck. Brown, multicolored is worn to help keep your feet on the ground and not get caught in extreme emotions.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gemstone and Mineral Lore Stones B thru C

This stone was used by the ancient Egyptians. The Leyden Papyrus says that ti will open all doors and break down all walls. The Greeks and Romans used it for endurance and to bring renown. The Gnostics for prolonging life and to bring wealth. Ancient physicians for stopping the flow of blood from wounds and the Chinese to stop nosebleeds and prevent kidney stones.

Legend says that Christ’s blood at the crucifixion splashed onto green Jasper producing Bloodstone.

Used for renewal, preserves the health, creates high prosperity consciousness, gives fame, brings money and strengthens self-confidence.

Ancient cultures used this stone in seal rings because it easily separates from wax or clay.  In the Middle Ages it was used to protect against the evil eye. The Moslems call this the “Mecca Stone” said to fulfill all desires and bring happiness. Ancient physicians used this to stop bleeding, aid in childbirth and treat jaundice.

Said to give courage, protection, a cheerful mind, help lower back trouble, strengthen concentration, balance creativity and organizational abilities and follow thru on plans.

This was used as a musical amulet. For centuries, musicians used it to heal throat and lungs.

It helps to clear old resentments, fears, guilt and tension. Aids in forgiving people. It calms the emotions, brings inner strength and enhances creativity and communication.

Legend: Medusa’s(snake headed monster whose gaze said to turn men to stone) death at the hand of Perseus (Greek hero).  After her death, he put her severed head into a bag and started the journey home. He rested beside the sea and put the bag down on a bed of seaweed and brushwood at the edge of the waves. Medusa’s power and blood leaked out of the bag and turned the seaweed and brushwood to stone. Sea nymphs came and carried that to the ocean floor where it became the first coral beds. So, the Greeks call red coral Medusa’s Blood and The Ocean’s Tree Of Life.

The ancients used coral for protection. Italy - It is common even today to see little coral hands with closed fist and index and little finger extended used as pendants to protect against evil eye. Mediterranean vessels nail red coral to the mast to guide them safely home. The Pueblo Indians consider it to be one of the four elements of Road of Life.

Said to be for emotional openness, love, life energy, protection and to prevent accidents.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gem and Mineral Historical and Metaphysical Lore

I use lots of gems and minerals in the jewelry I create and I figured that it would be  interesting and helpful to list the historical and metaphysical lore of the stones. 
 I am attracted to different stones at different times and have found that I seem to be attracted to the one or two at any time that fit what I am experiencing in the world.
So, below you will find a list of the stones that begin with A (of course!) that I use in making jewelry now. I will post an entry for each "letter" at least one per week.  
Hope you find this interesting and helpful. 

History and Use
Of Gemstones

A belief held for centuries is that Agate protects against stumbling and falling.  In the 1500’s in Italy it was used to turn away lightning and the destructive power of storms.  People in Western Africa prefer white, green and red for positive effects and to guard against snake bite, paralysis and mental illness.  In Ancient Britain, it was used to prevent falls and guard against skin disease. In the Middle East - To purify the blood.

Wearing Agate is said to prevent sea sickness and in a ring or pendant, it promotes deep sleep, calmness, good health, long life and will sweeten the disposition.

This gives a sense of security, helps you to handle new situations and softens stubbornness.

The Greek Orpheus said to wear this was to receive divine favor and aid.  In Europe and England in the 1800’s, it was used for good luck.

Said to draw good health, long life, connect to nature energies, bring wealth and happiness.

This was known and used by ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and others as well as Central and South America.

Increases self confidence, stimulates creativity. Helps us to celebrate the “new” in life ( career, new goals, birth, etc.). Helps call out your “warrior spirit”.

Ancient Greeks and Romans dropped an Amethyst into a goblet of wine to neutralize the effects of alcohol (i.e. drunkenness).

Chaldean Magi used it to bring success and good luck. In the Middle Age Europe,known as the “Bishops Stone” worn by cardinals and bishops.

The practice of the groom giving a heart shaped Amethyst to his bride to bring great happiness and tranquility for their lives, is still in use today.

Amethyst cuts thru illusions, strengthens and develops intuition, inspiration. Enhances creativity and creates balance between spiritual and physical.

No known folklore. This stone helps to let go of useless aspects of life, people or objects. It also enhances creativity and balances the emotions.

A large Aquamarine was on the crown of James II. The stone is said to impart purity to wearer.

It clears the mind, aids creativity, banishes fears and doubts. Aids in calmness, peace, inspiration and love. It protects from accidents and brings wealth.

Aventurine relieves anxiety and fear, builds positive attitudes, good health and independence. Used with Malachite, it helps clear emotional or mental blockages.

This was used by ancient cultures to raise consciousness.
This tone enhances creativity and intuition.  It aids in self confidence and helps when studying, researching,brainstorming for project ideas.