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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gem and Mineral Historical and Metaphysical Lore

I use lots of gems and minerals in the jewelry I create and I figured that it would be  interesting and helpful to list the historical and metaphysical lore of the stones. 
 I am attracted to different stones at different times and have found that I seem to be attracted to the one or two at any time that fit what I am experiencing in the world.
So, below you will find a list of the stones that begin with A (of course!) that I use in making jewelry now. I will post an entry for each "letter" at least one per week.  
Hope you find this interesting and helpful. 

History and Use
Of Gemstones

A belief held for centuries is that Agate protects against stumbling and falling.  In the 1500’s in Italy it was used to turn away lightning and the destructive power of storms.  People in Western Africa prefer white, green and red for positive effects and to guard against snake bite, paralysis and mental illness.  In Ancient Britain, it was used to prevent falls and guard against skin disease. In the Middle East - To purify the blood.

Wearing Agate is said to prevent sea sickness and in a ring or pendant, it promotes deep sleep, calmness, good health, long life and will sweeten the disposition.

This gives a sense of security, helps you to handle new situations and softens stubbornness.

The Greek Orpheus said to wear this was to receive divine favor and aid.  In Europe and England in the 1800’s, it was used for good luck.

Said to draw good health, long life, connect to nature energies, bring wealth and happiness.

This was known and used by ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and others as well as Central and South America.

Increases self confidence, stimulates creativity. Helps us to celebrate the “new” in life ( career, new goals, birth, etc.). Helps call out your “warrior spirit”.

Ancient Greeks and Romans dropped an Amethyst into a goblet of wine to neutralize the effects of alcohol (i.e. drunkenness).

Chaldean Magi used it to bring success and good luck. In the Middle Age Europe,known as the “Bishops Stone” worn by cardinals and bishops.

The practice of the groom giving a heart shaped Amethyst to his bride to bring great happiness and tranquility for their lives, is still in use today.

Amethyst cuts thru illusions, strengthens and develops intuition, inspiration. Enhances creativity and creates balance between spiritual and physical.

No known folklore. This stone helps to let go of useless aspects of life, people or objects. It also enhances creativity and balances the emotions.

A large Aquamarine was on the crown of James II. The stone is said to impart purity to wearer.

It clears the mind, aids creativity, banishes fears and doubts. Aids in calmness, peace, inspiration and love. It protects from accidents and brings wealth.

Aventurine relieves anxiety and fear, builds positive attitudes, good health and independence. Used with Malachite, it helps clear emotional or mental blockages.

This was used by ancient cultures to raise consciousness.
This tone enhances creativity and intuition.  It aids in self confidence and helps when studying, researching,brainstorming for project ideas.

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