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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gemstone Lore D Thru J

Ancient Egyptians used emeralds around 2000 B.C.. Most mines at the time were in Upper Egypt near the Red Sea. Most famous mine was in Mt. Zabarah and said to belong to the Queen of Sheba.  Romans believed nothing evil would stay in the presence of Emerald; if powerless to repel misfortune, it was believed the stone would fall from its setting as a warning.  Nero watched gladiator fights thru an emerald because he believed the stone protected his eyes and revealed the truth.

An old belief says emerald will change color if lies & treachery are planned within its vicinity.
In India and Egypt, it was said to give the gift of memory and good luck.

Mystical significance to Christianity is triumph over sin.

Today, it’s used to ward off negativity, attract prosperity, peace, balance, love, healing and patience. Strengthens artistic abilities, opens the way to new beginnings.

Ancient Egyptians carved it and made into statues and scarabs. The Chinese carve it into figures.

Today, it is used to help ground nervous energy, cleanses the aura, increases concentration. Nicknamed “genius stone” as it’s said to be excellent for study or work; focuses the mind.

A stone used by ancient midwives to aid childbirth. In Ancient Egypt it was given as a gift that brought good fortune.  In China and the Far East, bangles were worn for physical strength and to throw off illness. Jade butterflies were exchanged between engaged couples to ensure happiness.

Jade is popular with racing enthusiasts as it’s said to draw success. Said to attract courage, justice and wisdom. It helps to solve problems and is an excellent stone for business people and musicians; brings calm, peace, harmony and releases tension.

The Anodyne Necklace, valued in England at one time, was worn to treat stomach troubles.
The Egyptians used Jasper to protect against enemies, wild animals and fear.

Green Jasper is worn for good luck. Brown, multicolored is worn to help keep your feet on the ground and not get caught in extreme emotions.

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