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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nature All Around us!

O.K. so it seems that this week is devoted strictly to BIRDS! Shouldn't be any surprise to me I suppose. Yesterday afternoon, Mr, Fred, the Quaker Parrot of the house RAN to his cage (better known as "the mansion" it's quite large, big enough for 6 of him, stood at attention staring into the yard like a a carving). Innocent me....I look out and gasp! There at the bird bath (the size of cardinals mind you) is a 30-32" immature BALD Eagle. Oh my G-d! He's getting a drink. O.k. shock has set in. He hops down and begins to scoop up some of the seed that I strew about for the Doves, Cardinals and assorted critters......SEED! Oh wow, am I nuts?? Fred is a statue still so no it's not me.  He's a HUGH bird and doesn't know about eating other critters yet I guess. I run and grab for the camera wondering how to set this up so I can get a picture....after all who is going to believe me?? I walk calmly (sort of) into the yard and he lands in one of the live Oaks, I focus and pray that maybe I can get a picture...

Now mind you, I have created a necklace with an Eagle totem (one of my power animals) and have a pic of it online. But, to have one show up...oh gosh! Seems to me that I had best set about making another necklace with an Eagle totem to honor this cute(?), immature Baldy!

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