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Sunday, July 17, 2011


O.K. so here I sit trying to work on a bracelet and the alarm parrot (better knon as FRED goes off). What is it that is sooo very tramatic it must have my immediate attention....dropping of beads, etc.?  There is an armadillo in the backyard. He hasn't seen one before and I guess it looks funny to him and threatening. To me, well, it's adorable! So I dutifully explain that it just hunts insects such as ants and so is a helpful critter. Good luck on that one! He's still screaming and puffing and everything that a parrot does to defend his territory. Oh, please I just wanted to make a bracelet. I get him (FRED) not that the armadillo on my head and tell him it's all o.k. and just ignore it all...armadillos don't eat seed. Hopefully I can finish this bracelet before the night is over......I love the colors! Back at ya soon......

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