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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Welcome Message

Welcome to all visitors!  I am not a particularly wordy person so most of the time I say things in short spaces with many ideas. This is basically the way I seem to design jewelry's a brain thing I suppose.  But, let me tell you a bit about my household. I'm the only adult human in it. Living with me is a very beautiful, lime green and teal Quaker Parrot named Fred. He's really the one in charge.

When I sit down in my Florida Room to design and fabricate jewelry, he's right there. I really mean right there, in the middle of the table, walking thru the beads and picking up ones that he likes. Like I said he seems to think he designs jewelry. Now, I do have to admit that many times watching him do this has shown me a color or shape direction that really makes up into a nice piece of jewelry. So what can I say?? I just feed him treats and say thank you......hmmmm.

Oh if you'd like to visit our shops and browse or "beak" something up, you'll find us and/or

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