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Monday, October 24, 2011


Artist Terry Covell of OriginalCopyDesigns was looking for a "better bag" while on a trip to France and so started her quest to "build a better bag" but let me have her tell her story in her own words.

"A trip to France with my sister in 2006 started a journey that continues today.  We did a lot of shopping, of course, but I couldn't seem to find a bag that suited my needs exactly.  I purchased one which just didn't work out as it was hard to find items in the 'abyss' (the dark bottom of the bag) and the handles weren't comfortable.  My own quest to 'build a better bag' began and almost six years later I haven't stopped.
  I immediately bought fabric and a pattern and made a quite suitable bag.  However, it wasn't MINE!  I decided that I needed to look at all types of patterns and bags to discover what was best and most appealing.  I purchased many books and magazines and made many of the bags and purses for myself and family for practice and to discover which techniques,methods,designs and materials worked best for me.  I cam to the realization that I needed to design my own bags with the best features that came up in my research.  By trial and error (and plenty of mistakes to learn from) I sketched, made patterns and stitched my own creations.  My husband often asks,'Well, how many bags do you have?', knowing full well the crates that are tucked away with samples, trials and finished products!
  For some time I had been encouraging my own creativity, and looking for sources of inspiration by following The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron.  The morning pages, or journaling process, and Artist Dates had set the stage for me to find inspiration on a continuing basis.  I continue to often do activities, by myself, although totally unrelated to bags or sewing, which inspire me to use certain color combinations, designs or features.
  Family and friends encouraged me to sell my bags.  After a lot of research I decided that an Etsy shop would be the best way for me to begin.  I had so much to learn about selling on the internet, decisions to make about a name, policies, writing descriptions and photography (and the editing process).  Finally I jumped in, opened my shop and here I am! "

Terry's wonderful bags, purses and more can be seen and purchased at:

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