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Monday, November 7, 2011

Seed Bead and Silver Earrings

 Seed Bead and Silver Earrings.  Browsing in one of my favorite craft stores, I came across silver plated bezel frames on earring wires. This was interesting and I decided to get some of them.

At home when I sat down to figure out the classic "O.K. now what do I do with these?" , my first thought was to fill them with gemstone chips.  All well and good but these are small as in petite! It looked like I had mountain peaks in an earring frame and just didn't work for me. Small 2mm round beads didn't do it either...sigh. "Now what?" I put them on my work table and left them there.

The next day, I looked at them again and this time thought about seed beads. They are small, round and just maybe...well after trying many colors( I have  loads) I really liked the look of the silver lined clear beads. It looked like the inside of a mineral geode or ice,,,so sparkly. Great, I glued them in, sat back and still felt something was missing. So, again rummaging  through metal beads and gemstone beads until I came across the lovely genuine copper leaves. They are engraved and textured and just gorgeous.Ah Ha!  The earrings were born and are living in my Etsy shop:


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