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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

De Stash

I'm dealing with my "stash" of extra beads right now and want to pull my hair out! For goodness sake, it is incredible to I buy all these beads to make jewelry and I ALWAYS have some left over. So, you say, that's not bad, make something else. Right, but what?? I make one of a kind jewelry so my brain works on that level...ONE!

So the "brain child"...sell the extras  or make earrings. I like earrings, I wear them but.....I don't particularly care to try and design them. I'm more the bracelet, necklace type of gal...ya know what I mean??
So, next step...I put some of them on EBAY, hoping that some jewelry designers out there have a use for them at a really low price. Well.....surprise surprise...some of them have been purchased and I couldn't resist sending a little "gift" of some more to those people.  I wish them Happy Jewelry or Home Deco or whatever Design and I think I'll keep listing the De Stash there. It will help since I can't seem to stop buying pretty beads!

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