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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where Has Apprenticeship Gone?

I'm passionately interested in learning real metalwork jewelry fabrication and design. It's the next step to me in my design and fabrication journey.

I've been looking into it and what I have found is that there are hundreds of books available, a few classes available - on the internet or otherwise but learning "at the knee" of a real person doesn't seem to be around anymore.

O.K., let me say, I HAVE books on it, can take ANOTHER class on it. These only teach the very basic techniques- the Baby Steps! I've mastered the baby steps and need to move forward from there.  To really get it- perfect technique, expand creativity and marketing knowledge, you simply can't beat learning from a Pro!
For the Pro- well, they get ane eager set of hands, willing to work on those things they have gotten bored with, help completing custom orders or repairs. In other words, an extra set of bench hands.

So where has apprenticeship gone?

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