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Friday, April 25, 2014

Gemstone Metaphysical Lore Q

Gemstone Metaphysical lore  Q. I figured that Quartz types needed a post all by themselves!

The ancient peoples thought it was petrified ice. A belief held as late as 1777.

Roman ladies carried crystal spheres to cool their hands during hot weather. Roman armies used it to focus sun’s rays to cauterize wounds.

Throughout Europe, Ireland and England, many crystals set in metal bands were found; it was believed to be protection against ill wishing.

To the Japanese it is a symbols of eternity and to the Chinese it is a stone of concentration. In Australia and New Guinea it is used to produce rain and in South America it’s worn to repel evil dreams and as protection from danger.

It is said to be an emotional balancer, repels and destroys negative energy; stores and transmits energy. Wearing a piece of Quartz is said to change your luck.

Heals emotional wounds, develop compassion, reduce stress and anxiety. To build self confidence.

Stone was sacred to the Druids, Romans, Egyptians and Sumerians.

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