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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh What A Trip

Oh what a trip! 

Sitting at 5 a.m. in the florida room, cup of coffee and cigarette in hand.  In the dark just relaxing and thinking.  Ya know, winter in north central Florida really only lasts from January through February. A tolerable length of time, enough to enjoy a bit of cool weather without being worn down by dull,dark, seemingly endless days.  The trees and shrubs are bare of leaves and flowers- sleeping and re-energizing.  And I too have been re-energizing or perhaps hibernating.  Haven't been creating, designing jewelry. No ideas it's seemed.

And suddenly but gently my thoughts turn to the huge Azalea outside, the rose bushes, the pomegranate and the persimmon.  Yesterday I noticed the pomegranate and the persimmon are covered with new leaves. Their bare bone branches bursting into greenery.  And the Azalea towering as high as the roof and just as wide is covered head to toe in startling hot magenta pink flowers and deep emerald green leaves.  It makes me smile and giggle, full of joy looking at it and realizing winter's gone and spring as snuck in.

And then I wonder...can I find beads, materials in that wonderful color? Can I duplicate? imitate? the absolute beauty,symmetry, form, femininity of the Azalea flower?  And others thoughts, ideas start to flow for other pieces of jewelry.  Ah nature's done it again!  Gotten rid of my creative block, inspired me to make jewelry that I love and that will hopefully bring joy, giggles and feeling good to all those who wear it.

Oh man, what a trip!

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