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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amethyst Spirit High Pin

The Amethyst Spirit High Pin is the next in my series of statement pins.

This pin was indeed a serendipity - a happy accident basically.  I sat looking at this beautiful 34mm teardrop piece of Chevron Amethyst wanting to wire wrap it. So, I got out my non-tarnish sterling silver wire and starting at the top of the amethyst that had a hole drilled through it, I began to wire wrap a hanging loop for a necklace or so I thought! But, as I wrapped the wire all I could see was a human stick figure in the wire! Wondering about my sanity level (OMG going senile already??) I put the piece down, went to lunch and watched some t.v..

Several hours later I looked at the piece again- yup it was still a human stick figure standing atop the amethyst. Grabbing the camera I took a picture and it of course looked exactly the same in the picture. Pulled out my books on crystals(gemstone properties) and under Chevron Amethyst This is what I found.....called the "breath of life" assisting one to actualize that which is required for personal and universal development. It assists one in the application of the central unity of all...gain knowledge in spiritual healing, repels negativity, assists in living with doctrine of universal love." Ah now, I got it! I added faceted blue crystals to represent communication, true speaking and realized this was indeed meant to be a pin and so it is!

I hope it speaks to you as it speaks to me!   /

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